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Magic Circles last night

Treadwell's had William Kiesel here last night (he of the legendary Ouroborous Books) and he gave the most deliciously beautiful illustrated talk on ceremonial magic's circles. Shock and awe of delight as we were shown not only classic pictures but rare images from Czech printed material, almost never yet seen in the West -- as the talk concentrated on the medieval, Renaissance and early modern period the images were spectacular throughout. I think his talk is really perfect as an introduction to the old works of magic and the underlying cosmology of Western ceremonial magic. I wish I could have had this talk when I was starting out. It's also talk I would highly recommend for any modern magical practitioner, since this is about the history that lays the foundation of the circle as used today. The scholars in the audience, or at least those who specialise in the the history of magic, didn't find it very demanding, but their pleasure lay in feasting their eyes on the visual delights and hearing a lucid speaker open up their subject area to the nonspecialist and the practitioner. William is such an agreeable and engaging lecturer that it was a pleasure for everyone.

Afterwards at the soiree amongst the books on the shopfloor, there was much chat and mingling - and comparing of notes with bits from the Voynich manuscript (thanks Nick). At the end of the night the lovely william left us with the last ever cloth hardback copies of his vol 1 of the Picatrix (Vol1, containing Books 1 and 2. Bless him, he signed every one of them. And he promised volume 2 will be out in April or May.

Today is coffee, clearing up the last wine glasses, and receiving customers and visitors. One particular old friend came in this afternoon, the wonderful Damien DeBarra of the provocative and hilarious (that's a plug, yes!)
Back to work --
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