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Young Newish Pagans in London

Just want to give this young people's gathering a little mention, aimed at those 25 and under. The organisers are known to be sound, thoughtful and welcoming.

Pagan Threads

A monthly coffeeshopmoot for young people: Newcomers, Seekers, Solitaries, and Young People. Exploring the Wheel of the Year, and ideas on Divinity, Worship, Magic and Ritual, in peer led discussion.

Pagan threads is a moot primarily geared towards opening up Paganism for young people who have only had access to solitary work and finding their own information from books and such before, and are looking for an opportunity to communicate their ideas with others. All paths are welcome but discussion is mostly in the immediate cultural context of western traditions such as Wicca.

Not to sound too twee about our name, but the idea is we're hoping to interweave people's many 'threads' of interests into a big informative patchwork of ideas! We know it can be hard for young people to get involved in the Pagan community, with traditional meetings and moots often being held late and in pubs, and directed towards established Pagans rather than people just starting out. For a lot of people, coming to London as a student perhaps or just getting more freedom to explore the London scene is an ideal time to start finding out more about Paganism.

Each moot will have a topic to be thinking about (such as the relevence of the nearest Sabbat), but general discussion is also the idea!

2nd Thursday Monthly ~ £1 ~ Central London

Please contact for more information.

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