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Learning the Tarot at Treadwell's
Foundation Level - Eight-week Classes
£140 for the eight-week class (deposit £70)
Learn how to read and work with the tarot card tradition with gifted, experienced teachers. Treadwell's now offers a course which starts from the basics and progresses actively in a lively class. Diana Taylor and Sue Merlyn will teach the four elemental suits, the court cards, 22 major arcana, the different layers and level of symbolism, and the character archetypes.In the second half of the course you will be start doing practice readings in class, applying your knowledge in a practical way. This classes are is grounded in the classic tarot tradition, whose long lineage of symbolism and interpretation is known best through the Rider-Waite and Thoth tarot decks. Register for either the Monday class or the Wednesday class, via Treadwell's on 0207 240 8906. Places limited.

-- Monday Night Class Diana Taylor. 5th October and following seven Mondays
Diana Taylor has been reading tarot for 14 years flollowing her training under a Western ceremonial tradition, and has continued her studies with teachers such a Rachel Pollack. She is committed to helping others find their true ill, and recommends the tarot to gain understanding of life's dynamics. He aims to bring out the 'practical mystic,' and combines study of myth and history with the act of
-- Wednesday Night Class with Sue Merlyn Farebrother.  14th October and following seven Wednesdays
Sue Merlyn Farebrother  has been studying and reading tarot for over 25 years, and has taught tarot for over a decade. and is also a practising professional astrologer. She grounds her teachingin the historical magical Western tradition of the tarot, essential for really getting inside the meaning of the cards. She trained as a psychotherapist with the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, and gained an M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University in 2007. She is bright, organised, focussed -- and has delightfully dry sense of humour. 

Treadwell's is 0207 240 8906,, and our shop is 34 Tavistock Street, London WC2E
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