treadwells (treadwells) wrote,

Getting ready for 2010

Dear Friends, we have several tarot workshops coming up in the new year from one off day workshops for all to longer courses for intermediate, advanced and beginners. Ring or email Treaddies to sign up or ask more questions.
  • Sat 9th Jan - Revolutions, Reckonings and Resolutions: A Tarot Workshop for the New Year with Diana Taylor. view
  • Sat 6th Feb - Tarot Workshop Series: Reversed and Upright Cards in Readings with Suzanne Corbie. view
  • 10th February onwards (8 Wednesdays) - Tarot Intermediate Course with Sue Merlyn Farebrother. view
  • Sun 11th Apr - Tarot Workshop Series : The Court Cards with Suzanne Corbie. view
  • 12th Apr onwards (8 Mondays) - Learning the Tarot: Foundation Course for Beginners with Diana Taylor. view
And, terribly importantly, HAPPY YULE! Christina and all at Treadwell's

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