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Treadwell's Honour Roll 2009

Before plunging headlong into 2010, I would like to take a moment to look back at 2009. Treadwell’s was home to our lecture series, lots of courses, new tarot events – and provided a space for a number of groups, book launches and projects. Friends of the shop brought so much to its liveliness during the daytime hours, as well: generosity, cake, investment, labour, skills, goodwill -- and fantastic conversations and collaborations. Everyone's contribution has helped Treadwell's be, over the past year, a nexus for thoughtful, creative people sharing their expertise and insights with one another.

To this end... drum roll, maestro! I proudly present the 2009 Treadwell’s Honour Roll.

We appreciate those who have been generous with resources, investment, friendship and time. In North America, Doug T, Sarah Morgan, Lynn Moxham, Kate Moxham, Mary Field,  Whitman Field and Janet Spencer. Close to home, Clive Harper, Peter James, Marysia Kay, Andrew T, Ellie Hughes, Sara M & David B, Richard Ward, Robert Ansell, Diana Taylor, Suzanne Corbie, Ben D and Lily M, Dianne C, Zoe B, Gemma J.  We also must say thanks to Russell Granat and Juliet Morel, number crunchers extraordinaire. Our appreciation, importantly, too, to those of you who have asked to remain anonymous.

2009 Speakers in the Treadwell’s Lecture Series: Jenina Bas on Malay Folk Spirits, Paul Cowlan on Alchemy, Lindsay River on Lesbian Literature, Jenny Alexander on Edward Carpenter, S. Leigh on Golems and Abulafia, Patricia MacCormack on Occult cinema, Michael Staley on Kenneth Grant, Marysia Kay on Greek deities, Mike David with Celtic lore, Marsha Keith Schuchard on Mrs Blake, Edwin Pouncey and Sandy Robertson on r’occult n’ roll, Fleur Shearman on goddesses in art, Prudence Jones on the Triple Goddess, Payam Nabarz on Mithras, Stuart Inman on Surrealism and the occult, Earl Fontainelle on the Corpus Hermeticum, Dr Cyril Edwards (Oxford) on the Nibelungenlied, Dr Esther Saxey (Goldsmiths) on Radclyffe Hall’s spiritual life, Dan Harms on the Necronomicon, Dr Owen Davies (Hertfordshire) on Gimoires, Dr Mark Williams (Cambridge) on Druids in Ireland, David Beth on Fetich Sorcery, Elise Gray (Leicester) on Occultism in decadent literature, Mike David on Edgar Allen Poe, Lily Moss on Folk Magic, Freya Aswynn on her life, Meg Harper on the occult life of George Yeats,  Dr Daniel Schwemer (SOAS) on Pazuzu and Lilith, Robin Cousins on Edward Kelley.

2009 Book Launch Authors included: Sally Nicholls; the Liber Nigri Solis; Scarlet Imprint’s True Grimoire by Jake Stratton Kent, Fulgur’s Legion 49 by Barry Hale, Philip Carr-Gomm and Sir Richard Heygate’s Book of English Magic, Dedalus’ biography of Dennis Wheatley – The Devil is A Gentleman -- by Phil Baker,   Avalonia’s Odin’s Gateway by Katie Gerrard, Fulgur and Treadwell’s journal Abraxas, Accent Press’ Xcite Guide by Aishling Morgan. Small Presses have released publications that have enriched our bookshelves and the lives of our avid readers: Fulgur, Starfire, Three Hands, Xoanon, Waning Moon, Hellfire Club, Society of Esoteric Endeavour, Ouroboros, Scarlet Imprint, Hidden Publishing, Teitan, Ars Obscura, Moondust, Avalonia, Golden Hoard, Capall Bann, Immanion.


2009’s tutors, course leaders and consultants: Paul Wood on traditional incense, Marian Green on folk witchcraft, Sue Farebrother on Tarot, Caroline Wise on horned goddesses, Diana Taylor on tarot, Suzanne Corbie on tarot and goddesses, Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule on bodywork, Nathalie Beveridge on candle-making, Marcus Katz on thelema, Katie Gerrard on Runes, Thorn Coyle on transformation.  

Those who used our space regularly and bring wonderful vibes: Allison Brice of Aurora Reiki; The Furies; The Druids of the ADUB; Maiya and the gang from the Shakespeare Readers Society; Duncan, Peter and their Friday night gang; Steve Judd; Maria-Teresa & SOL; Claudette and Claudine, Peter Lloyd and Metageum; Elle of Tribe of Avalon, Oephebia, Vivianne and Chris Crowley and the Temple of Levanah.

Thank you all. Treadwell's salutes you.


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