treadwells (treadwells) wrote,

Treadwell's will be moving in February 2011

Treadwell's opened in 2003, and over the years our lovely little venue has appeared in films, magazines, videos (think Mumford & Sons).  We've had many parties and countless happy events. And many hours providing a bookshop for you, our lovely customers and friends.

But we have grown, and now need a larger space, so we are going to be moving to a bigger shop with a larger event space too. It's close by in Bloomsbury: 33 Store Street, London Wc1E 7BS,  just north of the British Museum.

What's it like? It's also an old building, with a quirky interior, so don't worry - we are not going corporate! When's the move? last weekend in January / First weekend in February.  Our events and courses programme will be uninterrupted, so it will all be smooth and easy for you, if you are coming to events. 

We will keep sending updates as we go along - website, email and phone number will stay the same. And we will  be having an opening party in February - join the events mailing list if you'd like to receive an invitation.

Photos will be posted soon!

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