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Young Newish Pagans in London

Just want to give this young people's gathering a little mention, aimed at those 25 and under. The organisers are known to be sound, thoughtful and welcoming.

Pagan Threads

A monthly coffeeshopmoot for young people: Newcomers, Seekers, Solitaries, and Young People. Exploring the Wheel of the Year, and ideas on Divinity, Worship, Magic and Ritual, in peer led discussion.

Pagan threads is a moot primarily geared towards opening up Paganism for young people who have only had access to solitary work and finding their own information from books and such before, and are looking for an opportunity to communicate their ideas with others. All paths are welcome but discussion is mostly in the immediate cultural context of western traditions such as Wicca.

Not to sound too twee about our name, but the idea is we're hoping to interweave people's many 'threads' of interests into a big informative patchwork of ideas! We know it can be hard for young people to get involved in the Pagan community, with traditional meetings and moots often being held late and in pubs, and directed towards established Pagans rather than people just starting out. For a lot of people, coming to London as a student perhaps or just getting more freedom to explore the London scene is an ideal time to start finding out more about Paganism.

Each moot will have a topic to be thinking about (such as the relevence of the nearest Sabbat), but general discussion is also the idea!

2nd Thursday Monthly ~ £1 ~ Central London

Please contact for more information.
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Treadwell's Email still down

Anyone trying to reach Treadwell's, our email server company is still having its meltdown failure, so we are still unreachable by email.  Apologies to people who have been trying to reach us for the past little while.

Please feel free to ring us, instead.... that good old fashioned telephone thing. 0207 240 8906. Also we have a facebook group, but for getting a quick response, the telephone is best.

Thanks for your patience,
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Paganism in British Education - 18 July Conference

Saturday 18 July 2009
The Festival of the Edge
Wenlock Edge, Shropshire

The conference is about all aspects of paganism and how they are studied and taught in the UK and internationally, particularly but not exclusively in the British Isles. We invite academics, teachers and educators in the UK who are either known as practicing pagans, or who have an academic interest in paganism as a field of study, interpreted in the broadest sense of the term. Topics addressed could include the study and practice of :
  • Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism
  • Prehistoric religions, Classical Greek and Roman religions
  • Egyptian, Slavonic, Germanic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon religions, Amerindian religion,
  • African, Polynesian, Indian and Asian religions 
The conference aims to advance scholarship on paganism and to look at contributions of paganism to world culture. In a world where religion is too often a force for conflict, we are keen to understand the creative overlap between faith communities,  and to explore how pagan traditions often underlie the more recent revealed religions.

Teachers:  Teachers interested in paganism and in reviewing the status of paganism on the national curriculum and in the statutory provision for Religious Education are also welcome and invited to attend. The conference is open to all educators already working either within official education systems, or those working within other educational structures and projects outside the mainstream educational world.

Students and scholars from all departments and faculties of learning are welcome.

An article was published in the Pagan Federation Journal in 2007 concerning the work of PAN, which is reproduced below to give further information on the background to this conference. A day entrance ticket to the Festival also brings entry to the PAN Conference itself which runs from 1-4pm. The event is taking place at Stokes Barn, which is near to Much Wenlock, off the A458, Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth Road in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  or further information on any aspect of the conference, or to offer a paper, please write to:    PAEN, Rhos Gallt, Llanerfyl, Powys, Wales, SY21 0ER. Tel. 01938 820586  Mobile : 07951 600959 email:
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11th June, Fulgur's Beelzebub Party

Come to our party

11 June 2009 (Thursday)

Fulgur Ltd Launch Party
Barry Hale's new book: Legion 49
Fulgur and Treadwells invite...
Free, but advance guest list only
frm 7 pm

Treadwells and Fulgur invites you to the launch of Australian mage Barry Hale’s book, Legion 49. The publisher, the eminenf Fulgur Ltd, have described thus: "[in this] series of short, de-constructionist essays the artist explores traditional methods of evocation and the myths surrounding Beelzebub, before providing an iconographical and sigillic recension of his horde of forty-nine servitors, glimpsed through the protective-symmetry of the paper-cut traditions of old Mexico. Legion 49 is a fusion of styles, influences and approaches, the modern and ancient, direct and indirect, refined and raw: it seeks to capture for a moment that flitting, fleeting, Chaotic gnosis symbolised by the Lord of Flies."

Standard edition will be on sale on the night: Limited to 777 numbered copies. Illustrations, gilt-stamped cloth and dust-jacket. 160pages, 230mm x 175mm. £25.00. You can reserve a launch copy by contacting the shop.

Barry will be there to sign copies and there are rumours even of an impromptu performance that should create a real buzz. Capacity is limited, so be sure to reserve a spot. Places are free but you do need to contact us to be added to the guest list. has our address and how to find us.
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(no subject)

Well, wonders abound. At mid-day today a gaggle of  friendly folk came in with a camera, and explained they were participating in a Tate-sponsorred photographic storytelling event called 'Shoot London'.

Their assignment is to take a shot with the theme or image of WITCH, and take it back to the Tate Modern this afternoon for it to be put into a fairytale narrative. I surmise they did a Google search for witchy shops in London, which brought them to the Treadwell's doorstep.  Christina provided them with a witches hat, a crystal ball and a couple of other small props to they could get their shot. They promised to send us links to the resulting images, and if we are sent them, we will post a link to them here.

I am chuffed to think that Treadwell's bookshop is going to be shown in an interactive artistic happening, a live-created fairy tale no less.

It's made my day.

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Black Sun Launch

It was early afternoon on the 1st of May when the editor of the Liber Nigri Solis came into Treadwell's for the event of the launch. When preparing to launch a magical book, there is much more to it than simply opening the box from the printers, hence the 1pm arrival on a day when the public would be arriving only at 7pm. 

Preparations on different planes took place in various different parts of Treadwell's. On the shop floor, the bacchic strand of preparations included receiving delivery of wine and of Black Sun vodka, as well as tidying up the displays and shelves so all was spick and span for the night. In the kitchen was a bustle of busyness -- laying out trays of canapes, washing and trying gleaming wine glasses, and wondering where we might find those very wonderful kettle chips that our bartender friend loves so much.  In the small, book-lined office the sigilising was taking place - in the dim light was a tantra of ink, painstaking forms, and quiet scratching in the near-silence. At the end of the day, the event room, that legendary treadwell's subterranean space, the actual rite on the books took place at the designated time. Over this, of course, there must be a hermetic veil of silence. No outsiders were permitted near; all who were not involved were sent to the upstairs floor for the hour.

At seven, the guests commenced arriving and the party began. Until near midnight it carried on. What can we say? Black Sun vodka toasts; an hour's lecture (no recordings, it was strictly for those present in the ephemeral moment); a debate about servitors in one corner; a huddled discussion of alchemical processes in the corridor; a senior and highly secretive occultist turning up incognito; the Bulgarian sitar player flirting politely with a middle aged blonde; the rare book dealer voudonist comparing notes on bradel bindings with the thelemic bishop; the chaos-magician theatre director tossing her black locks in her intense conversation with the astonished young man.  A highlight for me was the arrival of the editor of the Oracle, a sorcerer extraordinaire in his own right. He is the companion of the remarkable and celebrated witch and author whom we know under her nom de plume 'Stella Damiana'. A riot of grey curls and pink satin lit up the party when she came through the door with the black-coated Mr Blank. The night got later and later, and it came up to midnight. In that great British tradition, the last  gaggle of partyers left together to find a curry house, and to take the magic of the night into the small hours down London back streets.

Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who ordered a book from out of town, and to all who make Treadwell's the place it is. Special thanks to Susan and Julia who are indeed the royalty of the Treadwell's bar. The authors and editor, for, well, being friends of the shop as well as creating this remarkable book. To our customers around the world who ordered the book, your kind patience in waiting an extra week for posting, and for your continued support.
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Liber Nigri Solis: A New Release

Liber Nigri Solis
An Aeonic Astrochymical Grimoire of the Black Sun

New release, presented in the UK exclusively by Treadwell's Bookshop
Deluxe Edition, Limited to 39 Copies  - £166.00  

The Black Sun rises this Beltane.
This long-awaited work alchemically combines the occult, magical and initiatory work of two esoteric orders: the Arcanum Ordo Nigri Solis and the Ordo Hermeticum Sinistrum. Presenting the mythic imagery of the Black Sun along with its alchemical and astrological aspects and significances, this grimoire includes a concise though multi-faceted system of esoteric correspondences suitable for work with the Black Sun on microcosmic, mesocosmic, and macrocosmic levels. In addition to the relevant previously unpublished arcane correlations of the sinister astrological arte, the grimoire suggests magical techniques associated with Eighteen Keys opening the Nine Infernal Gates and the Nine Gates of Radiant Darkness leading to the vision of the Black Sun, and the Twelve Crooked Paths that cross their Nine Thresholds. Further, the text describes magical relevance of the twelve rays of the Black Sun, and other significant concepts such as the Fivefold Unmanifest or the Grand Chymical Conjunction of the arcane Black Suns that unveils the fiery gates of the Inverse Opus. The artes reveal self-initiatory workings, rites, and operations of sinister alchemy, initiating the practitioner into the gnosis of Sol Niger.

The Authors
- Anonymous members of two secret magical orders
- Published by the same small Canadian press who printed Liber Niger Legionis/
the Grimoire of Pharaon
ie Octavia & Co Press
- This book expands upon gnosis introduced in the Liber Niger Legionis

The Launch.
May 1st. Friday Night. May Day, the wake of Walpurgisnacht. At Treadwell’s Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, London WC2. Join us, and the authors and editor. Those attending may have their copies sigilised and signed, and if Treadwell's parties are anything to go by, we predict late-night debaucheries of debate, delight and destiny. The party is free but on the night will be strictly limited to those on the guest list. Just email or ring to be included. info @

The Deluxe Limited Edition - 39 copies only Price £166.00
Exclusively through Treadwell's
- Bradel-binding, also known as German box binding
- Quarter-leather with hand-marbled cover papers
- Illustrated with primary sigils of the astrochymical objects
- All 39 hand-numbered copies will be at the May Day Treadwell’s launch
- Launch copies thus stamped, dated and signed and hand-sigilised
Standard Edition Price £19.99

Now available only through Treadwell's
- trade paperback, unlimited. approx. 190 pages
- Illustrated, illustrations mainly consisting of sigils

Purchasing from Treadwell’s
- easy to pay by credit card, paypal, bank draft or cash
- email your order to
- telephone your order 12noon - 7pm GMT, 0207 240 8906
- UK postage £7 special delivery or £5 first class
- UK - add £1 for each additional copy in parcel
- Europe postage £8; add £1.50 for each additional copy in parcel
- Rest of World postage £10; add £2 for each additional copy in parcel

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(no subject)

Merry Yule to everyone! Thank you for your support, friendship and encouragement over the past year. May your 2009 be filled with blessings and joy.
Christina and all at Treadwell's

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